openSUSE Conference in Nürnberg - 11. - 14. September 2011


Future's Past
The 5 Ws of Contributing to openSUSE - WAFAA, Andrew (Community Member)
How to contribute to Factory - UNTZ, Vincent (openSUSE); DöNMEZ, Ismail (openSUSE)
openSUSE in commercial use - JAEGER, Andreas (SUSE); ECKERMANN, Matthias (SUSE); REINECKE, Hannes (SUSE)
How to get more Women into openSUSE - PINTSCHER, Lydia (KDE)
Contributing to OpenStreetMap using openSUSE - HOFMANN, Christopher (openSUSE)
The basics of citizen journalism or Blog HOWTO - VOGELSANG, Hendrik
Virtual System Cluster with Xen or KVM and Pacemaker - DEHNER, Ralph (B1 Systems GmbH)
Organizing our Artwork Repositories
openSUSE 12.1 Artwork
openSUSE Project Meeting - CLARK, Alan (SUSE) , Robert Schweikert

Lokale und Gaststätten

Platnersanlage Vasdekis
Bucher Straße 67
90419 Nürnberg, Deutschland


Lars Vogt
Marco Leichsenring -
Klaas Freitag - SUSE

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